Genesis Project


In collaboration with the’ Pleiadi’ society we want to launch to orbit a 3 unit cubesat equipped with a radio antenna and HD camera and make it available to schools. We want to prepare an educational project to teach young generations that satellite technology is now within everyone’s reach. Our goal is that students can interact directly with our satellite, considering it an additional tool for their “terrestrial” teaching activity. We firmly believe that access to satellite technologies is now a fundamental right of citizenship for new generations.

Bible in Orbit


In a historical period characterized by strong religious tensions that instigate real clashes of civilizations, we wanted to give a signal of peace. Hence the idea of sending some copies of the Bible in the version of the Italian Episcopal Conference to the International Space Station. Upon return to Earth, in February 2020, these copies will be donated to important libraries. The copies will be stamped inside the Space Station and will be photographed while they float, in microgravity conditions, in the ISS. The choice of the Bible was made above all for the content of the Book of Genesis, a book common to all the three Abrahamic religions, as a sign of ecumenical peace. The Bible in Orbit also wants to express our conception of the development and dissemination of knowledge also within aerospace technological research.

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