Space Lighting


Human Space Services has developed together with Performance iN Lighting, an important aerospace company and a leading medical research center, the new lighting system of the International Space Station.
The goal of this project is to invent lighting that respects astronaut’s circadian cycles and improves psycho-physical well-being. We have already arrived at the creation of a prototype and, soon, we will work on launching it into orbit to test its effectiveness.

Boost your Company


The opportunity to test products from companies in conditions of microgravity has now become an accessible reality.
The possibility of bringing these products into orbit creates vast possibilities for technological growth and communication opportunities.
Human Space Services, also thanks to its partners of the highest level, is able to provide companies with “turnkey” solutions.

Human Space Services was born with the aim of promoting the new space economy. After the industrial, digital and green revolution is the time of the Space Revolution.

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