What is the Space Factory? It is a Utopia, it is a non-place, but at the same time it is the place where utopias become reality. This oxymoron represents our philosophy. We have created a place, real and virtual, where girls and boys aged 0 to 25 can talk about Space, imagine projects and expand their ideas. It is a space where ideas can become reality, even the ideas that seem the most crazy. The Space Factory does not judge, inhibit or minimize. The Space Factory community discusses, analyzes and applies. Yes, we want to give substance to your ideas and your projects for Space. So if you have an idea, a project, a dream, a utopia related to the use of space or space technologies, become part of the Space Factory!! In this way you will enter in a community that can “launch” your idea. And we will provide you all the tools for free.
We want you !!!

“Progress is the realization of Utopia”
Oscar Wilde

Contact us for more information, we will contact you to evaluate your idea and try to make it real.


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I love the stars too much to be afraid of the night.

“Galileo Galilei”

Human Space Services was born with the aim of promoting the new space economy. After the industrial, digital and green revolution is the time of the Space Revolution.

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